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Emily Marie Tredway, 16, passed away on Sept. 9, 2017, in a motorcycle accident near Girdwood, Alaska. Emily was born on Nov. 2, 2000, in Anchorage, Alaska. She was a junior at South Anchorage High School, where she was on the swim team and was a member of the SAHS choir her freshman and sophomore years. Emily was an accomplished student, a member of the National Honors Society, taking several AP classes while maintaining honor roll status.


Beginning at the age of 12, she started participating in the People to People and Envision programs developing great leadership skills. She loved math and science and planned on becoming an engineer focusing on green energy. Her biggest passion was music; she played the piano, but loved the guitar. She played soccer and ice hockey, and loved the outdoors - a true Alaska girl. Emily has blessed audiences with her beautiful singing since she was very little and volunteered her talents at the Pioneer Home entertaining the elderly. She recently joined the Music is Therapy Club at SAHS. Emily loved classic cars, motorcycles and travel. She just returned from a European tour with her Da Capo singing group. They toured Germany and France, fulfilling Emily's dream of traveling to Europe.



Emily had an adventurous spirit and lived life to its fullest. Her exuberance for life was supported by her dedicated parents who provided her with every opportunity to strengthen her lust for life, including to her desire to ride motorcycles. Emily rode with her dad by motorcycle from Alabama to Anchorage with her loving and supportive grandparents by her side. Emily first rode her motorcycle with him at multiple destinations across the country when she was only 15 years old. She received her motorcycle safety certification and her driver's license and fulfilled her dream of riding a motorcycle with her dad on amazing epic adventures.

In the last assignment Emily wrote for school, she described life as a paradox and explained how the very things that you do to live your life to its fullest requires risk, and how risk is necessary to experience life as it is meant to be lived. In her own words, Emily expresses her passion for taking these risks in order to be fully present in life to live your destiny. Emily was passionate about living her life to its fullest during her short time while she blessed her friends and family with her presence. Emily said, "Without conflicting opinions of having different views in the world, people would be left living a routine life which life would be absent of the astonishing and intriguing qualities that define it."


She defined courage. Emily was born into this world in 2000, and immediately faced a deathly struggle at birth, recovering from a swallowing and breathing disorder, but the family's prayers were answered. Many felt that Emily was an angel. Those who knew and loved her experienced the depths of love as a direct gift from God.

All who knew Emily were blessed to have her ray of light brighten their lives. She was a shining example of a promising and gracious young woman filled with humility, and will be missed very deeply by all whose lives she touched.



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